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Yoga with Props

Click the button above to be taken to our Mindbody account where you can view our schedule and register for a class. We're currently meeting via Zoom. Upon registration you'll receive a link to class in a confirmation email. Please make sure you opt into receiving our emails. If you do not receive a link contact 

us at Thanks for practicing with us. See you on the mat!


Morning Flow

Come as you are and connect with others for an online yoga practice that can be done from anywhere you can fit a yoga mat. 

Class will be a slow to moderately paced flow designed to gently wake up the body, and focus the mind. Each class will open and close with breath awareness and meditation. All levels welcome!

Morning Flow- Toddler addition

This is a moderate flow class most likely accompanied by a toddler. Join us in your pajamas, with your coffee, and carve out some time to move and breath a bit. This is a low pressure, easy going class to provide a little community and movement during these wild times. 

Rise and Shine

Start your day with breath work (pranayama) that transitions into an energizing flow that will help you begin your day with more energy and freedom in both your mind and body.


Mindful Movement

In this 60min class we create a safe space to bring Mindful attention to breath, calm our minds, and find embodied awareness of our physical bodies; where we may hold tension, stress and anxiety. We flow through movements at our own gentle pace, into yoga forms as well as exercises and stretches that help us let go and build strength, balance and flexibility. As always, moving in a way that is supportive for YOUR body in this moment. . .   And everyone might be having a different experience in making these choices. Our main goal is to have Authentic Present Moment Experiences that safely support our Trauma Healing Journey.


This is a beginner class, with various adaptations offered. We sometimes suggest using props, such as a yoga block, bolster, rolled-up washcloth, pillow or chair. Mindful Movement Yoga is for every BODY and ABILITY, and we invite you to join us wherever you are in your practice. 


Slow Flow

This class will focus on slow, intentional movement paired with breathwork. You'll have all the time you need to feel and breathe into each movement and posture. The class will include standing and grounded poses and even some sun salutations, but you won't build too much heat.  Class will wind down with breathwork and an extended savasana. 


Y12SR Yoga Combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of the 12-Steps.   Any addictive behavior disconnects us from ourselves, our loved ones and our environment.  Yoga means union. The practice of yoga connects breath to movement helping us to learn to balance our lives. One of the founding principles of Y12SR Yoga is that “Our issues live in our tissues”. Y12SR Yoga pairs an inspirational theme based gentle flow practice exploring movement and breath; followed by an inspirational 12Step topic discussion meeting of self exploration. 


In Y12SR Yoga (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) classes are open to all persons overcoming addictions; behavioral, substance or those affected by ANY additive tendencies. 


“Are you interested in investigating or changing a troublesome behavior you may have?” Maybe you have been able to abstain from a behavior, and in doing so you have found something else, another thing, a different behavior ~ are you just switching seats on the Titanic?


Any behavior we continuously do and get the SAME unsuccessful results is considered an addiction.  Through doing this investigative work in Y12SR Yoga we learn how to slowly cultivate new thoughts, patterns and behaviors.

Soft Evening Flow

A Gentle evening vinyasa class to help you ease out of your day. We will take our time and focus on breath, strength, and balance


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