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Memberships on Patreon

We offer a number of options for affordable virtual memberships. Read on or click the button below to learn more


Patreon is a membership-based platform that allows you to give on a monthly basis and receive access to content in return. We’ve been recording our live classes and posting them to our Patreon account. Right now, if you join, you’ll have access to more than 30 classes on demand and counting. What's really great is you can download the Patreon app and have easy access from any device. This means that if you're up at 6am and want to practice yoga in your PJ's with a friendly face, you can! 



We’re just getting started with what we’ll offer on this platform. We’re working on meditations, yoga nidras, short 10- or 20-minute yoga practices (restorative, yin, and flow!) breath practices (pranayama), posture breakdowns, yoga-based strength workouts and more!  We’re so excited to share with you all in this way. 

There are a few different financial tiers you can join us on. At the $5 level you’ll get full access to our library of recorded classes. Take a class with your favorite Story Yoga teacher ANYTIME!

If you’d like to become a studio member - which helps us fund our teacher training program to those in recovery, ensure fair pay for our teachers, and fund our service work in the recovery community - there are a few options:  $25, $50, or anywhere in-between. At these levels you get an UNLIMITED monthly membership, which means as many live classes as you want and access to our digital library. We currently offer live classes via zoom and a few outdoor -physically distanced classes in Vermont. 

If you choose to give monthly, we ask that you join at the level that makes the most financial sense for you. If you're able to join at a higher financial gift, please consider doing so. Your generosity is what allows us to keep all membership levels, our drop-in classes, and most importantly our Yoga Teacher Training accessible to all. 

If you'd like to join our digital library visit our page on Patreon by clicking the button above.

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