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Deep Rest: A 4-WeekYoga for Sleep Series

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Deep Rest: A 4 Week Yoga for sleep series to leave you feeling rested, nurtured, and restored. 


Are you feeling exhausted?

Stretched thin?

Like you’re running around, working late, going to soccer practice, and you still have about one-hundred other things to do in the next hour before bedtime?!?


And speaking of bedtime…by the time your head hits the pillow your mind is moving so fast there’s no way you’re going to fall asleep anytime soon?


If you suffer from insomnia, racing thoughts before bed, or just have a hard time “gearing down” enough to relax at night, you are not alone. 


Life is busy, it’s hard, and with the nice weather coming, our commitments start to pile up even higher. 


Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga offers you simple ways to:

  • Prepare for a more restful, deep sleep

  • Ease tension in your mind and body

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Create space in your mind so you can fall asleep easier

  • Leave you feeling rested and refreshed after a poor nights sleep


How it works:


In this four week series we’ll meet online for one hour in the evening to practice restorative yoga and yoga nidra.


Each week will include a short topic discussion to give you a little insight into the science and the “why” of each practice.


This is a great way to schedule in time for YOU to REST each week.


Deep conscious rest is a practice. If you’ve ever tried to will yourself to sleep, you know it’s no easy feat! Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga are ways we can practice constructive rest and prepare us for deeper, more restful sleep.  


Can’t make the live classes? No problem! Each class will be recorded and sent to you the next day. The recordings are yours to keep forever!


You’ll leave class with four different practices that you can listen to in bed to help you fall asleep, when the baby’s sleeping so you can recharge, or anytime you need help finding a bit of rest. 





April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th



Early bird (register before March 31st): $60

After March 31st:  $80


Led by Teresa Wynne, E-RYT